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It is said that cleaning is a task that no one notices until it isn’t done. This is something that we can emphasise with at Town & Country Cleaning but you will be pleased to know that our team has a passion for cleaning. Our cleaners Farnborough experience dates back to 1977 and if you don’t have the time to clean your home or office properly, call on us and we will be more than happy to lend our services. The combination of our experience and the use of modern techniques and cleaning products ensure you receive a high quality service every time.

We aim to meet your needs

At Town & Country Cleaning, we understand the benefits of a good clean and this is why we are always happy to discuss our services and to see what you are looking for. We are happy to provide a bespoke service and unlike some cleaning firms, we don’t provide a “clean and leave” service. We are happy to develop a relationship over time and if you are looking for a reliable cleaning firm that will meet your needs in the short and long term, please get in touch.

Everyone can benefit from a cleaning service

We think that everyone and every firm can benefit from regular cleaning services and this is why we are pleased to offer a wide range of cleaning services. We serve domestic and office clients and we clean premises and spaces of all shapes and sizes. We believe that regular cleaning is the best way to create the best environment at home or in the office. To benefit from the experience of the best cleaners Farnborough has to offer, please get in touch.

Experience counts for a lot in the cleaning industry

We know that there is a great range of modern cleaning products on the market today that promise the earth but there is no substitute for hard work and knowledge. When you hire us, you can rest assured you will receive the best of both worlds. We have considerable cleaning knowledge and our team is more than happy to utilise effective cleaning products to ensure your property is gleaming.

No matter the reason you decide that hiring a cleaning team is right for you, we are more than happy to help. At Town & Country Cleaning, we provide a bespoke cleaning service so get in touch and we will discuss what is of most benefit to you. When it comes to feeling comfortable about hiring a cleaning firm, we are happy to put your mind at rest.

Office Cleaning Farnborough

Keeping your office clean and tidy should be a simple task but so many firms struggle to achieve this aim. This is why it is best to call in the experts. At Town & Country Cleaning, we have been providing cleaning services since 1977 and we are pleased to say that we have a high number of repeat customers. This means we must be doing something right. We believe the fact that we can combine years’ of experience with the latest cleaning products and techniques ensures your business receives the highest standard of office cleaning.

Our experience is second to none

With over 35 years’ worth of experience in the cleaning industry, we are pleased to say that we can provide your business with the most effective range of cleaning services. Our experience ensures you receive effective support and you can rest assured that we offer you the best level of cleaning services to suit your needs. At Town & Country Cleaning, we take the time to realise your expectations and we work hard to ensure we provide you with the range of cleaning services that positively impact on your workplace.

We can boost your staff productivity

When it comes to the best level of office cleaning Farnborough has to offer, we believe that we are the company to call on. A clean and tidy office is a happy office and happy employees are far more likely to be productive employees. This is something we very much agree with and we are always happy to discuss our cleaning services with new and existing clients. If you would like to improve your working environment, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

We love working with repeat clients

Over the years we are delighted to say that we have developed long term relations with many clients, and we have worked with some clients for over 10 years. We believe this is the strongest endorsement of our work, and we are proud when existing clients recommend us or call to work with us again. We understand that firms need to find value for money in everything they do but we are proud to offer the best value for money cleaning service in the local area.

Call on Town & Country Cleaning because:

  • We can call on more than 35 years’ worth of cleaning experience
  • We have received many positive comments and testimonials
  • We have long term repeat clients
  • We can help your office be greener
  • We can tailor our services to your needs
  • We work around your business requirements and working hours

If you think that your firm would benefit from hiring a regular cleaning firm but want to know what we can do to help your firm, please get in touch. We are always happy to discuss our services and point new clients in the right direction.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24hr service to suit your operating times
  • Bespoke cleaning suited to your requirements
  • £10m Public Liability and Employer Liability Insurances
  • Air filtration and ventilation cleans
  • Cable trays, Work station and equipment cleaning
  • 24hr manned reception
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Achieve a cleaner environment

If you're looking for a professional cleaning company to maintain a clean working space and support the health of staff or customers, request a quote or site survey today.