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Kitchen cleaning service in Surrey tailored to you

Domestic Kitchen Cleaning Service
Domestic Kitchen Cleaning Service

Kitchens seem to get dirty so quickly, don’t they? It’s almost as if after cooking just one meal, the grease and grime begin to build up, causing your kitchen and oven to look dirty. While you could opt to clean your kitchen and oven yourself if you’re hard-pressed for time, hiring a specialist kitchen and oven cleaner could be a better option. 

By hiring our kitchen and oven cleaning service, your kitchen will be spotless once more. Our thorough kitchen cleaning service in Surrey and the UK is designed to meet your standards and includes every appliance and surface within your kitchen. 

How does it work?

Our kitchen cleaning service is designed to match your needs, ensuring that you are happy with the final outcome of your home’s deep clean. Our kitchen and oven cleaning service is hourly-based, allowing you to specify how long you would like to book one of our skilled and experienced cleaners for. 

The process of deep cleaning a small kitchen usually takes a single cleaner around 3 hours to clean, so 3 hours is our minimum call out time for this service. For larger sized kitchens, we can send two or more cleaners at the same time to ensure that the required level of cleanliness is achievable within the set timeframe. 

To ensure that the key ‘problem’ areas are dealt with, we advise our clients to create a ‘Priority Areas’ checklist for our cleaners to refer to. Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of a celebration, have just moved into a new property, or are moving out of a property, our one-off deep cleaning kitchen service is the perfect way to ensure that the space is left spotless.

  • Cleaning cabinets, counters, cupboards and drawers
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Cleaning of all existing white goods (fridge/freezer, oven*, washing machine, microwave, etc.)
  • Sinks, splashback, taps, and all work surfaces
  • Removing cobwebs, wiping doors, frames, and light switches
  • Wiping the windows from the inside and outside (if reachable)
  • The floor is either vacuumed or mopped as per its surface

Enhance your kitchen deep clean further 

In addition to the standard cleaning processes that our highly skilled cleaning team offers for deep kitchen cleans, there are also a number of additional extras to enhance your deep clean further, if required. 

These additional extras include:

  • Dip tank oven cleaning: We will send a dedicated technician who will disassemble your cooker and clean it as thoroughly as possible.
  • Spot wall washing: This can be done whenever the wall and its condition allow it, please note that in some cases the wall might be in need of repairs instead of cleaning. 

For optimal results with the kitchen cleanup, we ask of you to assist with:

  • detergents needed*: some multi-purpose cleaner and a degreaser
  • equipment needed*: vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, sponges, paper towels
  • access to the property (we can collect a key from nearby in case you won’t be home)

Why Choose Us?

  • 24hr service to suit your operating times
  • Bespoke cleaning suited to your requirements
  • £10m Public Liability and Employer Liability Insurances
  • Air filtration and ventilation cleans
  • Cable trays, Work station and equipment cleaning
  • 24hr manned reception
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Achieve a cleaner environment

If you're looking for a professional cleaning company to maintain a clean working space and support the health of staff or customers, request a quote or site survey today.


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