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Town & Country Cleaning…completes a new housing development of 3 and 4 bedroom properties in central Aldershot, Hampshire. The project is financed and managed by local builder Dean Sewrey after acquiring the site back in 2012 and all plots have already been sold via Mackenzie Smith estate agent.

One of the key features of the new builds is complying with the very latest environmental standards for residential property construction. Dean Sewrey has a strong local reputation for building high specification homes at affordable prices and these properties have been built with today’s first time buyer in mind.

Lee Turner, Managing Director of Town & Country Cleaning said, “Town & Country Cleaning has partnered with Dean for many years now. We both know what we get from our partnership. Dean manages a very tight site and makes all contractors tidy as they go…he always hands off a property, which has all carpets and fittings in place and is easy to quickly clean to a sparkle finish”.

With so many local employees working in Aldershot, Farnham and the surrounding area, Town & Country Cleaning can easily staff projects of this size. Cleaners can often manage multiple plots in the afternoon, directly after they have finished their regular contract clean.

“Dean Sewrey is an extremely valuable customer and partner for Town & Country Cleaning. We would do anything to ensure we continue to deliver the service he expects from us. We can offer a great price because each property usually requires only one visit and one clean”.

Lee Turner, Managing Director of Town & Country Cleaning said, “if I had to build a property for my own family in the local area, Dean Sewrey is one of the builders I would ask to build it”.