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Sometimes we all need a bit of a refresh from our work lives and something that will offer a time to recollect ourselves and get organised for the next quarter. 

A professional contract cleaner Farnham like us will offer you just that, but in the meantime, these spring cleaning tips will get you well underway. 

That’s right, it doesn’t just apply to our homes anymore. Business owners and employees alike are taking this opportunity to make room for more innovation and tidy up their offices. Not only will this benefit your employees by creating a more pleasant working environment but it can help you streamline your operations and strategies. 

1. Reshuffle Your Paperwork

In this day and age, a lot of businesses are looking to go paperless. However, we know that’s really only possible to an extent. There are going to be days when you rely on your notepads and memos to keep the processes ticking over. 

While you’re going through a spring clean, now is a perfect time to organise the important bits and throw out anything you don’t need. Oftentimes we notice stacks of paperwork growing and growing because it might be important down the line. But now is the time to realise you will probably never look at it again!

A simple task like this may take a matter of minutes, but you’ll feel so much better for it afterwards. Separate filing trays are a great way of keeping things organised and will prevent desks or shelves from becoming cluttered. 

The benefit of this is keeping your mind clear as well as your office. If employees are getting stuck in a rut or finding it hard to concentrate, suggest a quick reshuffle and it might get them in the mindset to carry on with the next few tips. 

2. Work In Sections

Don’t try to tackle the whole office in one go. Even for a professional contract cleaner Farnham that would be too much to handle! Instead, break the tasks down and prioritise certain areas as you go. 

This will make a daunting task feel much more manageable. Take a look around and decide what needs to be organised or cleaned first of all. It might be that your storage room is looking a bit worse for wear and is making it hard to find or complete other things. 

Your own priorities may lie elsewhere so it is up to you to decide where you start. This will also help you find homes for things along the way and ensure the most urgent sections of the building are ready for teams to get jobs done and visitors to come in and out. 

3. Disinfect Surfaces

This should be a given after the last couple of years. Disinfecting surfaces is a quick job that should be done regularly. Especially main touch points like door handles and countertops. 

However, during a spring clean you are likely to organise and declutter areas you don’t normally see. This gives you more scope to disinfect the whole office and ensure every surface is sparkling clean. 

A lot of sprays also require you to wait 5 minutes before wiping clean. Bare this in mind as you go round – you could get on with another quick task before going back to it. If you don’t do this, surfaces can become resistant to certain bacteria and you’ll find that however clean they look – they may not actually be disinfected!

While it is good practice to do this regularly and go through a bit of a deeper spring clean, we would also recommend hiring a contract cleaner Farnham to do a full deep clean and get rid of any lingering dirt, dust and germs that could impact your employees.  

If you’d like to compliment your spring clean with something a little more robust then get in touch with our team today.

4. Keep The Floors Clean

There are plenty of reasons you should be keeping those carpets and hard floors tidy in the workplace. Firstly, we’re not saying you have to get the mop and bucket out. But think about how you could reduce trip hazards and declutter the items that could live somewhere more out of the way. 

For instance, office flooring often becomes home to bags, spare pairs of shoes and boxes galore. Not only does this make the entire area look cluttered and messy but it can pose safety risks. Anyone cleaning should be trained on health and safety and encouraged to minimise these risks.

As part of your spring clean, see if you can find or create dedicated spaces for your team’s belongings. As you clear through other rooms, you may find space for cupboards, shelving or lockers of some sort that will keep the office looking spic and span.

If that’s still not enough, it’s time to hire a contract cleaner Farnham… 

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We will ensure your carpets are free from debris and that your floors are as good as new. This will make a great first impression for visitors and make sure your team’s health isn’t being impacted as a result. 

5. Run The Duster Round

Allergies are a huge problem for a lot of people and any lingering dust could impact this in employees who suffer. But even with allergies aside – having a clean workspace to sit at will help your team to feel far more productive and comfortable each day. 

We understand that you may already have a contract cleaner Farnham that comes in periodically. However, it does not take long at all for the dust to settle. As a result, your spring cleaning will make sure each desk and shelf is free from lingering dirt so your employees can enjoy a healthy environment. 

Even just this small task can make a big impact on the day to day work lives of everyone in the office. Some people dread coming in every day because they know they will leave feeling bunged up and itchy due to the air quality and the state of the furniture. 

For a better finish, we would always recommend using a microfibre or e-cloth rather than a duster. Instead of spreading the dirt, it will remove it and leave a glossy surface underneath!

It is a good idea to complete this step before moving onto disinfecting your surfaces. This way you are removing any excess dust before ensuring the desks and touchpoints are completely clean with the stronger antibacterial sprays. 

6. Do A Quick Stock Check Of Your Kitchen Area

This is a job no one really enjoys. But there comes a time when people have to admit the snacks they left in the fridge over Christmas, probably need to go in the bin. 

Not only will it make room for other people to store food properly, but it will give you a chance to clean the shelves inside and make sure everything is smelling fresh. Fridges can be a big issue for odours. Especially if your kitchen area is close to workspaces and desks, you’ll want to make sure it is cleaned regularly to prevent those poor people from having to put up with it.

Furthermore, as we said above – ensure you are disinfecting common surfaces. Where food is involved it becomes even more important to keep the whole area as clean as possible. It won’t take you or the team too long to run some cleaning wipes across the worktops and microwave.

However, if you are looking for something more heavy-duty, our team will be happy to help. 

Other Ways Your Business Could Use A Spring Clean

Spring cleaning for businesses is not just about the physical space. Here are a few other considerations you may take to ensure your teams are refreshed and organised for the months ahead.

  • Eliminate digital clutter – Delete old emails, clear out your inbox and file those documents that are just sitting on the desktop. Things like this often fall to the bottom of the to-do list and so now is the perfect time to reorganise your computers as well as the office. 
  • Dust off your old website – A rethink and refresh every once and a while can help keep the innovative ideas flowing. Revamping your online presence could do a world of good for your business and start to draw in some new customers!
  • Do something new – Spring is time for positive changes, so think about ways in which you and your team can do something new. Whether this means hosting an event for clients or redecorating the office – get everyone involved and make sure it’s productive. 

If you have taken our advice and done all you can with the above tips – it might be time to call a professional contract cleaner Farnham. We can ensure every nook and cranny looks as good as new and is free from any harmful germs and bacteria. 

Not only does it create a nicer space for employees and visitors to work, but it will maintain your reputation as a trustworthy and welcoming organisation. 

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