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Following the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Town & Country Cleaning has made decisive action to contribute to carbon offsets, to help protect our climate and environment.

Lee Turner, Managing Director of Town & Country Cleaning said, “We are pleased to start, in a very small way, to begin to address our carbon footprint. Our carbon offset program is through Ecologi, which is a great solution in helping us towards delivering a net zero carbon footprint”. 

As a member of Ecologi you get to set low carbon goals and fund impactful climate solutions including planting more trees. It is also very transparent and robust in ensuring this is not simply “greenwashing”.

For a number of years, Town & Country Cleaning has been actively monitoring and trying to reduce our carbon footprint. This has included partnering with customers that have supported recycling and using ecologically friendly cleaning solutions.

Lee Turner said, “We have worked with the likes of the Forestry Commission, which is a great organisation with an important mission. Town & Country Cleaning uses Delphis Eco, the UK’s leading supplier of ecologically friendly cleaning solutions and is committed to supporting ISO14001 environmental standards.”

“To be honest, not many customers are pushing this agenda right now, and maybe with COP26 and renewed awareness of climate change, we will see more action. For the cleaning industry, this will be a particular challenge, not least because taking action costs money and the market is already under significant cost pressures from government, taxation, rising inflation and the national minimum wage. We think supporting our staff and the environment is extremely important and hope customers see fit to support this as well”.

Town & Country Cleaning has c65 cleaners, +100 customers across Farnham/Guildford and the surrounding area, insurance to £10m and experienced ring-fenced teams dedicated to each customer/project. We have never paid the national minimum wage, customer/staff retention is +95%, and we pride ourselves on the continuity of service we provide.