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Here at Town & Country Cleaning, we offer high-quality property management cleaning in Farnham, for both commercial and residential properties. We do so understanding the importance of having clean commercial property for both clients and staff. Some of the properties we can help maintain include office and student blocks, residential and assisted living buildings. 

Town & Country Cleaning always aims to exceed our customer’s expectations with our thorough and highly professional service. It is our goal to cover all of our client’s needs for property management whilst providing a flexible approach through our range of services that are bespoke to your needs! 

What is Property Management Cleaning in Farnham?  

As a property manager, you understand the need to keep your properties and their communal spaces as clean as possible for the satisfaction of those staying in the properties. This is why Property management cleaning services are essential. Property management cleaning ensures that all areas of a property from communal spaces to stairs, lifts, and corridors are adequately cleaned and sanitized. This is especially important in 2022 as Covid-19 still poses a risk for many. Property management cleaning can help ensure that users of a property are kept safe. 

Keeping Communal Areas Clean! – Property Management Cleaning in Farnham 

When it comes to property management, we understand how crucial it is to keep communal areas clean for the users. It doesn’t matter whether it is residential or an office, we understand the need to keep these spaces clean and the importance of this for their general upkeep. 

Working To Keep Properties Covid Safe! 

The last few years have been tough for many of us with the rise of Covid-19 which has affected many aspects of our lives. This is why we at Town & Country Cleaning work hard to prevent the risk of infection by disinfecting sites effectively. We do so using specialist equipment that decontaminates sites in a quick and safe manner. This is especially important for any property where the ensured safety of users is essential. We also include this service for shops, cinemas, care homes, clinics, universities, schools, offices, and much more. 

With Covid-19 still a big threat in 2022, you will not want to rely on standard cleaning practices to keep your properties covid safe. For this reason, effective coronavirus decontamination is essential and that’s what Town & Country Cleaning can provide. 

We use the very latest specialist electrostatic-sprayer and disinfectant chemicals to specifically tackle coronavirus. We have carefully read all the guidance that the government has provided and continue to stay up-to-date with the latest medical advice. 

What Do Our Property Management Cleaning Services Include

Town & Country Cleaning offers a wide range of cleaning contracts. Some of these include: 

  • Regular cleaning
  • Periodic cleaning
  • Specialist carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Void property cleaning
  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • Common area cleans

Some of the services included in our property management cleans can include but are not limited to: 

Cleaning of handrails, door handles, and push plates

In many shared accommodations and spaces, we understand that you need to be vigilant about the spread of covid-19. Handrails can easily spread diseases as they are areas that are touched frequently. That is why we ensure these spaces are cleaned regularly to stop the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. 

We also ensure that any door handles are adequately sanitized too. Doing so will further help keep the premises hygienic and help slow the spread of covid-19

Window Cleaning

Town & Country Cleaning provides multiple window cleaning teams that are capable of cleaning everything from domestic homes, builders cleans, regular communal window cleaning to large-scale commercial window cleaning.  We provide reach and wash pure water-fed pole systems and detailed hand window cleaning as well. 

Carpet Cleaning 

One place that you can always be sure to pick up germs in the carpet. The reason is that often carpets get filled with dust and dirt that you are not able to see. For this reason, professional carpet cleaning is included as part of our property management cleaning services. By choosing Town & Country Cleaning, you can be sure that all dirt and debris will be removed quickly and effectively. Not only will this leave your carpets looking as good as new but will also ensure your properties’ environment is safe and healthy too. 

End of Tenancy Cleaning 

It is essential that end-of-tenancy cleaning is carried out by a professional cleaning service to ensure the cleanliness and functionality of a property once a lease has ended. 

When moving premises, we will gladly assist you in cleansing your premises. Doing so will give you greater peace of mind and ensure that bacteria, odors, and potentially harmful toxins are eliminated. We will also ensure the property gets well-needed spruce up so that it looks as good as new for any new occupants moving in. 

Car Park Cleaning

One area that can often be forgotten in property management cleaning is car parks. Town & Country Cleaning can ensure that car parks are swept and cleared so that they are nice to use. Doing so will also ensure that there are no dangerous obstructions that could cause accidents or damage to vehicles. 

What Else is Included?

There are a range of other services that we include as part of our property management cleans. We can help remove graffiti from a given premise. This is helpful due to how time-consuming this process can be. Additionally, we can help mop any stairs and hard floors. We also understand how unpleasant it can be sweeping near bin areas which is why we include this in the service as well. Similarly, we also help with litter collecting/picking. We can also help with dusting at low and high levels, as we provide the necessary equipment such as ladders to get the job done thoroughly. This is important as it will ensure that occupants of the property do not develop dust allergies. 

What Other Services Do We Provide 

Town & Country Cleaning offers a wide range of different cleaning services. These include: 

Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to your commercial cleaning needs, Town & Country are trained to meet your requirements without any disruption to your work schedule. We aim to support as required and work alongside your normal patterns while providing a professional and thorough service. Town & Country Cleaning understands that every business is different. This is why our services are purposely designed to work around your business hours. You can simply choose which hours best suit you, then we can take over and clean to your satisfaction. 

Specialist Cleaning 

We at Town & Country Cleaning are specialist cleaning contractors that you can trust to provide the services you require for your home or business. We have developed a reputation for safety, efficiency, and quality. We have secured many happy customers over the years. 

We provide competitive prices, excellent customer care, and a team of experienced employees who will deliver to a high standard. 

Domestic Cleaning Services

We manage domestic cleaning for a wide range of customers in Guildford as well as our local catchment areas such as Farnham and other surrounding towns and villages. Our approach is to assign the same cleaners on the same day and time with an agreed specification bespoke to your individual preferences. 

For example, we can assign cleaners that like pets or have a specific passion for a cleaning task. Additionally, we can support you with more specialist cleaning for your homes such as window cleaning and carpet deep cleans. 

Why Choose Town & Country for you Property Management Cleans

One reason you should consider Town & Country Cleaning for your property management cleans is that we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all our cleans. We take huge pride in carrying out professional cleaning services at the highest possible standard. Our services can be tailored to your specific requirements ensuring that you get your money worth and the standard of clean that you were after. 

We will cut no corners, using the best and latest specialist cleaning equipment. We have a customer-focused approach and pride ourselves on being honest, hard-working, professional, and progressive. 

Get in Touch With Us! 

We advise anyone to choose us for their property management cleaning services periodically to ensure standards are maintained and that you can have peace of mind in knowing that your property is cleaned to the highest possible professional standard. We also provide a range of other services including; carpet cleaning, contract cleaning, and much more. 

We take a great amount of pride in our customer service and therefore would be more than happy to answer any specific queries you have, no matter how big or small. Because of this fact, there are various ways in which you can contact us. If you would like direct communication, you can use our customer service line. Alternatively, you can also use our “contact us” page on this site where you can find a quick simple form to fill in. We are also reachable via email and will respond as soon as possible. 

Town & Country Cleaning has some 65 staff managing +300 customers across both commercial and domestic clients in Surrey, Hampshire, and across the south of England. We also have accreditations including BIFM (British Institute of Facilities Management), British Chamber of Commerce, and ISO9001. 

Contact us on 0845 222 2000 or email to get a quote for your next service! We can’t wait to hear from you.