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Town & Country Cleaning has won the cleaning contract for Redfields Garden Centre in Church Crookham, near Fleet in Hampshire. The contract involves the daily clean, specialist cleaning and daily housekeeping of the brand new flagship garden centre.

Lee Turner, Managing Director of Town & Country Cleaning said, “this is a huge milestone for the company. Town & Country Cleaning has been cleaning Redfields Garden Centre since 2009 and is one of our largest single site customers. Every day for the last 5 years, our staff have been putting it in…they are deeply committed and feel part of the Redfields team. It’s a natural progression to extend our partnership into the new store but also proves our growing capability as a company”.

The initial builders clean was completed in 4 phases with the final launch clean throughout the night prior to the 19th November 2013 retail opening.

Lee Turner, Managing Director of Town & Country Cleaning said, “this was a very pressurised clean for us but we delivered. The final clean was deferred to 5pm the day before and we had some 15 cleaners working through the night on all aspects of the building. I personally have never worked so hard, working for 19 hours non-stop to ensure we did everything possible in the time we were given. I’m proud of our company’s effort to support Redfields”.

The launch clean involved sparkle cleaning all the internal and external windows, main entrance and retail shop floor, and particular attention was paid to the shopper experience from day one. The new garden centre comprises of a fabulous new restaurant, kitchen, servery, toilets, offices, facilities and obviously the main shop areas and greenhouse.

Cleaning included SkyVac high-level vacuum cleaning, floor cleaning and deep cleaning throughout the build. Dust is obviously recycling due to the site being a building site only a few days prior to the launch. Both the merchandising team and Town & Country Cleaning staff are very conscientious to repeatedly clean store shelving and merchandising over the coming weeks.

The owners of Redfields Garden Centre, The Blue Diamond Group, were keen to launch the new centre in time for Christmas trading in order to maximise return after such a huge investment by the company.

By all accounts, this strategy has paid off.  On the opening day and subsequently, for the following days and first few weeks, the store has been packed with local shoppers wanting to experience the new store.

Early signs shows sales far exceeding initial management forecasts. With another site extension due to be completed in 2014, Redfields is set to become one of the largest garden centres in the south of England.

Lee Turner, Managing Director of Town & Country Cleaning said, “the store is absolutely fabulous. The restaurant is stunning and the store really sets itself apart with its product merchandising. I would encourage everyone to go and see it for themselves”.